Παρασκευή, 19 Μαΐου 2017



I am a little puppet
Look at my hollow big black eyes
There is not a trace of life in me
touch my lifeless face, cold as ice
Take my strings and play with me

I wasn’ t always like that
It happened because of a magician
He was such a powerful grim man
And I became the victim of his ritual
In order to rebirth his only one love

I am an obedient doll
I watch hm quietly from my shelf
As he plays with the rules of death
He tries to find the right magic spell
That brings his muse to life again

I am just a piece of wood
But I have a secret inside me hidden
A soul that I trapped forevermore
And I drove her far away from Edem
In order to gift the man the real sore

Once he offered me a life among the dead

I took with me his only one love in return..

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