Παρασκευή, 28 Απριλίου 2017

"The Mask"-A Flash Fiction Gothic narration

The Mask-

It was a time so long ago, when there was a man, so lonely , so sad. No one could understand what he had hidden in his heart. He was full of sorrow. He used to sit into his dark room and read about magic places or sing the darkest notes. He had a secret he coudn't share. He was so bored about his empty life, his only company was his loneliness.                                                              He was hoping for a miracle...                                                                                                                                       One day a weak light of life came and knocked his door. An imperceptible sound upon the wood .
 '' Who is it this time ?'' . he wondered.
 He stood up from his chair and walked towards the door . He opened but there was nobody. He went out and there was no trace of life on the road. His mind was playing games with him. He returned to his room and sank into his darkness until he felt asleep.
    The moon gave his turn to the sun which arised throught the horizon. Small sunbeams passed through the window’s glass and they bathed the man's face. He woke up and opened the window in order to breath the fresh air, he needed so urgently. He had a strange dream, a strong memory from his past. He remembered all those nights of fantasy , the melodies, the lights and most of all her angelic voice, A tear shed from his eye. All those years he was trying so hard to forget his lost life. Everything now was a piece of the past and he could not bring it back again. Everything was alive only inside his dreams.
He decided to take a paper and write a letter to his dead muse. It was his only way out from the sore and the plague that was trapped in his mind and soul. He was writing to her , lines of poetry. No matter what she will never receive them. He could give them to her when he would be able to meet her upon his death.
    The hours were passing by as the man was writing all alone into his dark empty room. The sky was painted into black. It was midnight when the man heard for a second time the same strange knocking ... This time he opened immediately the door in order to see his unknown visitor, but... there was nobody again. He closed the door
, nervously. He couldn't stand anymore this wicked game. He was so tired that he couldn't think of anything.  He was waiting to sleep again and meet her in his dream. A soft feeling of heaven , a way to keep him away from illing. He was looking forward to see her again, his pure love, his angel of music and the woman that broke his heart at the same time. He closed the window, he layed down on the bed and slept. It was the time for a midnight travel in a magic land.
That night he was led by his angel into a brilliant memory. The first moment he saw her...  He was standing in the middle of a dressing room when he heard footsteps coming closer and closer each time. Then he saw her face and hide behind a big mirror. He didn't want to scare her with his ugliness. He could only charm her with his song of love :
''Sing my angel of music '' he sang her ,
''I am here inside your mind''.
She was shaken hearing an unknown voice so close to her. She though that it was a hidden angel that her dead father brought to her. From this moment and every night he was hidding behind that mirror and he was teaching her all of his magical songs. He made her believe that he was a spirit and somehow he really was. He considered himself dead because he had lose his human-like forevermore. Now he became a beast and his song was the only way to make her fall in love with him. But, there was a day that another man , so beauty and so charming make her lose her mind. He charmed her and drove her away from him. He made her forget his ugly angel. He stayed behind screaming among the ruins until he woke up from this nightmare by his yell. He wanted to forget forever this memory . Now his muse was dead because of the other man who led her into the flames.
     It was into the middle of the night when he heard for the third time the same annoying knocking.
''Who are you? He screamed into this madness.
He took no answer again. He opened the door and felt dissappointed once more. He looked around but there was no one. His gaze fell on the ground. It was his broken mask...
Oh! how much he missed it. He took it on his hands and hold it . There was something written inside :
Put it on and come to meet me." It was her ...
Suddenly he became overwhelmed, he went into his room and stood still looking at his mask that he had left upon his desk. ''What did she ment'' he thought.
She wants to meet me. She might regret for the pain she gave me. Oh my pure love, there is only one way to hold you in my arms.He said loundly and took his decision. It was the time to be brave.
He stood up and walked up to the mirror that he had covered for so many years with a black veil. He pulled it away and saw again his terrible view. He smiled to himself and put his mask on tight. Then he passed the loop around his neck and went to meet his love in the world of dead...