Τρίτη, 21 Μαρτίου 2017



My dear reader, 
before you read the following words
you had better do your cross..

Satan is awaken, he is brought  to life again,
he will be standing close to you, till my poem's end.
Learn the story of a man, whose  only child died,
and because of the unbearable pain, he lost his mind.

He relented in unholy monstrosities and wicked wills.
somehow he begun looking for forbidden lusting thrills.
Every night time he was coupling with the icy corpses,
their moldy frozen wombs were  his main lust's sources.

He loved to smell the rotten flesh and semen's tincture,
now he turned himself into another evil night creature.
He found a new life inside the cemetεry's marble tombs,
with his only company the worms upon the wizen blooms.

 By the day that the man had a such  terrifying discovery
of a deadly sin for which there was no way of recovery.
He realized that he committed the most horrible crime,
when he had unintentionally raped his own dead child...

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