Τετάρτη, 23 Νοεμβρίου 2016

An English poem-" AURORA BOREALIS"


I saw the lights from an other world,
it was the time for the dancers of the night.
I heared the melody of Valkyries' song,
Valhala's bells were ringing, sky was on fire.

Flames were dancing on the lake's surface,
and made the cold water turn in to ice.
A blue shine suddenly hit me on my face,
at the deep i saw a swan so nice.

The spirits came down to reach for a new birth,
the wind blew and chilled the beauty swan.
A magic fog  covered the whole Earth ,
somehow the stars and snow  became one.

And i stayed alone searhing for the blood-path, 
that the pure bird would probably left behind
but there wasn't  nothng  more of that,
it was just an angel who tried to hide.

I fell down, with no one to hold me,
  i found a broken mirror in the snow's depth.
 Throught the glass ,i heard  a voice that told me:
"swan took your death…away in despair”

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